What I’ve Learned About My Creative Process in 4 Days of Daily Practice

What I've Learned About My Creative Process in 4 Days of Daily Practice

The confidence-building equivalent of that.

The confidence-building equivalent of that.

Shockingly, I found that making room for experimentation allowed me to take artistic risks I had previously avoided. Making art on a daily basis has lowered the stakes for me, transformed my approach to it from one of reverence to one of play, and encouraged me to experiment with new materials, methods, and uses. When I stop worrying about whether or not I’m doing a good job and start approaching my art as a game, I’m able to relax into the process and enjoy myself. Taking a playful and experimental approach to my art has trickled over into other areas of my life; I’m now more willing to try new things and put myself out there in ways I never would have before. Having a daily practice of self-reflection and expression, even if it’s just a few minutes long, seems to have a significant impact. When I stop worrying about whether or not I’m “good enough,” and instead approach my artistic practice as a game, I’m better able to relax into it and enjoy myself.

My abilities have developed over time.

I only ever saw this as a way to relax my mind; I never considered myself an artist when I first began. I’ve come a long way from where I started, and that’s especially clear when I compare my most recent work to what I did in the beginning. Even though I have a long way to go before I can call myself an artist, I have found that making myself practice every day has greatly enhanced my skills.

Now that I’m more competent, I’m also more interested in expanding my knowledge. Recently, I’ve been honing my skills by attending workshops both online and in person. I feel both more exposed and more eager to try new things as a result of being exposed to different methods of creating. In the coming year, I plan to do a lot more exploring and testing.

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Practicing Creativity Every Day

Simply put, the happiness that can be gained from playing. I have always enjoyed making bold choices with the colors and patterns I use in my home and wardrobe. Color selection and experimenting with new color schemes is currently my favorite part of any creative project I’m working on. Some pan out and others don’t, but the point is that I’m learning to embrace uncertainty and experimentation in the pursuit of happiness.

Even “bad” art can have value.

Even "bad" art can have value.

When I first began working on this, I worried that I would be wasting my time if I produced something I couldn’t be happy with. These early morning moments aren’t about the work, so now I fail more often than I succeed. I’ve accepted that I’m not doing it to have something turn out perfectly the first time but rather for the process, the joy, and the calm it brings me throughout the day. As to whether the artwork is good or bad? Not at all what I meant. I keep coming back because I enjoy the process so much.

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